The Ecstasy of Femininity

“The Ecstasy of Femininity” suggests vibrant and ecstatic experiences, at the heart of which are the essence of femininity, sexuality, strength in the face of birth pain and grace.

The painting is a celebration of the complexity and diversity of femininity, illustrating the inner journey of women in discovering and affirming their own identities.

“The Ecstasy of Femininity”, painted by Antonina Sofia Sociu. This painting is a unique, original work and is part of the artist’s abstract series titled “Becoming”.

“The visual artist who deeply meditates on her own ideas and concepts, eloquently articulates her vision on chosen subjects, harmoniously merging the rational with the essence of significant events from her life. Starting from here, she confesses the emotions of those intense experiences through her creations, ranging from the joy of rediscovering the beauty around us to the drama of painful moments that have marked her existence.”

It is important to note that abstract art can be interpreted differently by each viewer, and what it represents may vary depending on each person’s perspective and experience.


100 * 70 cm


Mixed media on canvas

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